Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Please read the following terms & conditions carefully since your use of the Website and its Services is subject to the acceptance of the same. By subscribing to or using any of our services you agree that you have read, understood and are bound by these Terms & Conditions, regardless of how you subscribe to, or use these Services. In case you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions, in whole or in part, you are advised to not subscribe to our Services.
  2. We are, a trading name of Invitation Digital Limited. Responsible for your personal information. All references in this policy to "", "our", "us" or "we" refer to Invitation Digital Limited, or our group companies, as appropriate. All references in this policy to "our website", refer to the website owned by at
  3. We value your privacy and want to be accountable and fair to you as well as transparent with you in the way that we collect and use your personal information.
  4. This Privacy Policy, together with our Terms & Conditions explains;
  5. What information we collect from you
  6. How your information is used
  7. How we store your information
  8. How you can access your information
  9. By engaging with us in the ways set out in this Privacy Policy, you confirm that you have read and understood the entirety of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these term please do not continue using

General issues:

  1. Use of the Website and or any of its Services is subject to these Terms & Conditions laid out

  2. The website and its Services are directed and intended for the sole use of customers in Malaysia, we do not undertake responsibility of any consequences arising from the use of the Website or its Services from any locations outside Malaysia

  3. The Website and Services are intended for personal and non-commercial uses only

Registration, accounts, security and account closure:

  1. In order to get added to our mailing list, you will have to register on the Website. reserves the right to deny any registration or to delete any account at any time without giving any reason whatsoever

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User Obligations:

  1. As a user you agree to abide with Merchants terms & conditions when you are re-directed to their page to complete transactions from our Website

  2. As a user you agree and undertake to use the Website and its Services only to post and upload appropriate data, messages and materials.

  3. Not republish the contents of the Website on any other platform including other websites

  4. Not to publish or upload inappropriate, disturbing or indecent material or data

  5. Not to upload data or material that may be copyrighted or protected and that you do not own the rights to

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  7. Not to download or distribute files or data posted by other users that cannot be legally distributed

  8. Not to violate the legal rights of others or the laws applicable in Malaysia

  9. Not to violate the code of conduct which may be applicable for the use of the Website or its Services

  10. Not to violate any of the Terms & Conditions laid out in the Agreement and other conditions highlighted elsewhere

Use of the Website and Service:

  1. At no point does guarantee that its Website or Service will be free of errors, omissions and faults though we will ensure reasonable measures to maintain accuracy of all data presented on the Website and its Services

  2. We do no guarantee uninterrupted use of the Website or its Services and access to the same may be suspended, restricted or terminated at any point in time

  3. We reserve the right to change, modify or delete any information or any discount/ voucher code at any time without giving any prior notice

  4. Nothing in this Agreement can be used to construe a partnership or a joint venture between you, the user and us,